Thailand Rammed Earth House

One of our students has a house under construction in Thailand. Yes, stabilized rammed earth is great for tropical climates: Rain, hurricanes, termites, heat etc are no problem. We have a few pictures to share of this project with more to come hopefully soon.


The formwork

rammed earth tamper

This project in being rammed manually. The tamper head has been made to fit the corners of the forms.

rammed earth thailand

Hopefully these walls inspire more people to build with rammed earth in Thailand.

rammed earth layers

Beautiful layers, changing the tones of the rammed earth by each layer can have a wonderful effect.

window detail

The big chamfer on the wall is a nice window detail.

3 walls

The wall in the foreground has just been completed, it is still wet and that is why it is darker than the other walls. 3 walls are up…looking forward to more.

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