Saskatoon Workshop Pictures

End panel












Making an end panel


building forms







Building the window infill panels


Rammed earth sample







One of the highlight samples


Pam ramming earth












Pam shows em how its done


Hand tamping









Hand tamping


First wall












The first wall, there was a very old brick on site that we added as a feature.


Electrical box









An electrical box embedded


decorative stone









Decorative stone for experimenting with


Best hat












Best hat of the workshop award to Goran


Fresh wall







A fresh wall being revealed


Highlight layer









A highlight layer


Pam Sheila Stuart









Pam on left and Eric on the right with our host Sheila


Saskatoon workshop 2016







The Saskatoon workshop crew, only 6 days older than when they started, but a lot wiser ;)

In the back:  Karen, Steve, Leo, Clifton, Stuart, Sovatana

In the front: David and Dan

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