Rammed Earth Workshops / Training

Rammed earth wall construction is a specialized field that requires skill, experience and knowledge to do properly. Like other occupations such as stone masonry or carpentry, training is required to become competent.  Whether you want to build insulated walls for a cold climate or non-insulated walls  in tropical environments or for landscaping,  we offer workshops that teach people to build like a pro.


“Insulated Rammed Earth Building” - Workshops and ongoing training:

Learning for homeowners architects or builder apprentices

The purpose of this program is to create professional rammed earth wall builders or owner/builders who are competently trained. Learn about all aspects of making insulated rammed earth walls for houses

Apprentices will learn by doing on 1 or more projects (optional) and demonstrate competency in:

  • Foundation construction
  • Material Selection
  • Mix quality control
  • Forming
  • Installation of electrical boxes and conduits
  • Insulated rammed earth methods
  • Wall and sample testing
  • Curing & sealing walls
  • Skid steer operation (Bobcat)

By developing an ongoing relationship over time, during multiple projects, an apprentice will learn to build high quality walls from experienced rammed earth builders. From time to time we will offer apprentices who have completed a workshop paid work on our projects for an extended period of time, further offering more building experience. Apprentices may also arrange for us to work on a project in their home town where they will have an opportunity to further their training, while we guide the rammed earth portion of the project.

Location and dates:

Barierre BC, Canada

May 7 – 12, 2018

Cost: $ 1,800 CDN (- $200 discount for early bird sign-up)

Deposit of 1/2 course fee is required to reserve a space, refundable up to 3 weeks before start date.

What you need to bring : CSA approved work boots, enthusiasm!

Repeat courses are only 1/2 price to encourage further competency and experience.



“Non – Insulated Rammed Earth Wall Building ” -   Workshop :

This is a 6 day hands on course that teaches key rammed earth construction techniques for structural house walls or landscaping  non-insulated walls…learn by doing! Some other people say they have a hands on course, the hands on is making a tiny sample (around 12″ x 12″) while basically selling you on their way of doing things which eventually leads to contracts you will not like, so don’t be fooled. In our workshop you will be shown exactly how to efficiently form and ram a wall like a pro. This course is actually real work, it involves forming up for walls and then shoveling and ramming the material in the forms, then removing the forms the next day and feeling the satisfaction of creating an object of beauty. You will also learn about proper material selection,tools to use and mixing etc. with lots of time for Q & A about building rammed earth walls.

Location and dates:

To be announced for spring 2018

Cost: TBA

Deposit of 1/2 course fee is required to reserve a space, refundable up to 3 weeks before start date.

Spaces will be limited.

You will need to bring:  clothes that can get dirty and enthusiasm!

Be sure to leave your phone # when you Contact us.