Plum Wall 1 – Part A

This project consists of 2 rammed earth walls that total 100′ in length. Chris and Melissa wanted to have a sound wall to shield them from the road and also to have the aesthetic beauty of rammed earth to do so. They are planning to have a gate in between the walls in the near future.
It turned out to be a great project, we worked with great people, the walls look fantastic and everyone is happy!


We start at the footing in between 2 existing stone walls.


Neal is using a spacer to place a board that will backstop the plywood for our formwork.


The forms are starting to take shape.


Placing sheets of plywood.

setting up tarps

Setting up the tarps to provide shade.

hoses ready

The hoses are hooked into our tampers and we are ready to go.


Mixing is under way.


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