Plum wall 2 – Building it

Wall 2 is 40′ long so it’s the little one of the 2 and brings the total of both walls to 100′ in length. That’s a lot of rammed earth!


One side of the forms are up.

strong backs

The strong-backs are getting set into place. They are the vertical pieces of wood that reinforce the horizontal formwork for those who are wondering.

ramming earth

Ramming is under way.


Andreas, an architect who is from Columbia came to train with us on this wall.

removing form work

Removing the form work.

wall 2

Presenting wall 2.

rammed earth color

This picture shows more the true color of the rammed earth.

wall layers

The wall layers look quite beautiful from the road.

both walls

A view of both walls from the north west.

beautiful walls

The stone along the cap, the color and length of the walls make for a nice treat for people as they are driving by.


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